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Weight Loss Service Westport CT

Weight Loss Service Westport CT

Weight loss support is one of our most sought out services at Resonating Wellness in Westport CT. What makes our weight loss service unique is our customized comprehensive approach with clients in which we determine what has contributed to your current weight challenge and which specific physical, mental, and/or emotional factors need to be addressed for you to successfully reach your weight loss goals naturally. We provide the education, accountability, support and holistic services you need for long term weight loss results.

Based on your health history, our initial assessments, and your personal goals and budget, we will create a custom strategy to get you to your healthier body composition. Your plan may include any combination of the following: one-on-one coaching support on site, online or by phone; education on the right food plan and exercise plan for you; regular assessments to accurately monitor body fat loss and maintenance of lean muscle; suggestions for nutritional supplements to accelerate your progress and balance your metabolism; holistic techniques to reduce cravings and address emotional eating; practical tips and resources to support you long term, and other possible components of our holistic weight loss service.

We also are well connected in the community and are happy to provide referrals should you need to see a great medical professional, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractic physician, or other allied health professional for any reason. We believe in an integrative approach to health and wellness, not only with weight management.

Contact Mary today of Resonating Wellness in Westport CT at (203) 429-8841 for a complimentary consultation to find out how our weight loss service can benefit you and decide if you would like us to design a plan for your weight loss success.

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