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Stress Reduction Consultant Westport CT

Stress Reduction Consultant Westport CT

Why utilize the support of a stress reduction consultant at Resonating Wellness in Westport CT? Maybe your doctor recommended you reduce your stress and make healthy lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure or reduce the effects of an illness. Or perhaps you realized on your own that stress is affecting your health and day to day life and you want to get a handle on it before you develop a stress-related illness. Whatever the cause of your stress may be and whatever your motivation is to reduce it, our experienced consultants can help!

Taking into account your health history, our assessments, and your personal goals, we will work with you to choose the best strategy for reducing your stress. We believe in addressing all aspects of stress as it has may have affected you physically, mentally, and or emotionally. Choosing from an array of holistic modalities and techniques we can utilize at Resonating Wellness, together we will devise a customized plan for your stress reduction.

Our most sophisticated resource on site is the ONDAMED system, which has very specific energy programs for balancing your nervous system and effectively reducing the impact of stress while also leaving you feeling relaxed and better equipped to deal with day to day life. Click on ONDAMED from the main menu to learn more about this breakthrough approach to stress reduction.

Contact Mary of Resonating Wellness in Westport CT at (203) 429-8841 to schedule a stress reduction consultation and initial assessment.

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