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Stop Smoking Westport CT

Stop Smoking Westport CT

Stop smoking naturally with the most innovative and comprehensive stop smoking program available. Resonating Wellness LLC offers a unique holistic approach to stop smoking, with appointments available in the heart of Fairfield County in downtown Westport CT. With the guidance and support from a Resonating Wellness practitioner, you can finally break free of your nicotine addiction to stop smoking for good.

Utilizing holistic techniques and modalities to support you in successfully stopping smoking, we address the biochemical effects, psychological aspect, and most importantly the physiological and energetic aspects which typically are left out of smoking cessation programs. With this powerful combination, you are able to successfully stop smoking with decreased cravings and withdrawal, accelerated detoxification, and improved sleep, mood and energy. At Resonating Wellness, we go above and beyond to help you stop smoking and recover from years of nicotine addiction.

Enjoy personalized support from a health coach and practitioner with over a decade of experience in addiction recovery support and a background in psychology and counseling in addition to holistic health. Feel confident to quit for good with the amazing ONDAMED stop smoking program we utilize, which boasts a 90% success rate amongst the over 20,000 clients seen in clinics throughout Denmark where the protocol originated. Click on ONDAMED from our main menu to learn about how it works and the benefits far beyond smoking cessation alone.

Ready to finally stop smoking and start enjoying better health and quality of life? If you are not close to the Fairfield County Connecticut area, use the Contact Us form to let us know where you are located and we will do our best to find a great practitioner near you. To discuss options for your stop smoking program and to schedule your appointment in Westport CT, contact Mary at (203) 429-8841.

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