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Pain Management Specialist Westport CT

Pain Management Specialist Westport CT

Not your ordinary pain management specialist, at Resonating Wellness in Westport CT we offer a unique holistic approach to support you in managing your pain. We offer natural modalities and techniques to help reduce your pain, target the underlying cause, and deal with the effects of pain and inflammation.

While we draw from a variety of holistic resources and techniques to manage your pain, the most advanced tool we utilize is the ONDAMED system. This unique biofeedback energy device is the subject of clinical study especially for pain management. The initial pilot study on ONDAMED for pain reduction showed 90% of patients with different types of pain recovered within 2 - 12 ONDAMED sessions (C.A. Schroeter, MD, PhD, University Clinic Maastricht, The Netherlands). Currently the device is registered with the FDA for further research in the USA on its potential benefits in pain reduction and more.

Another beneficial aspect of ONDAMED is that not only is it helpful as a stand-alone service, it also serves as an effective complementary therapy which can increase the success of whatever other medical or natural treatments you may already be receiving for pain management. Click on ONDAMED from the main menu to learn how this advanced technology works.

Call Mary at (203) 429-8841 for a complimentary consultation to determine if our program and support from a holistic pain management specialist from Resonating Wellness in Westport CT is a good match for you.

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