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Now available in Westport CT from Resonating Wellness, ONDAMED is an advanced tool from the field of biomedical technology developed in Germany, by electronics engineer Rolf Binder, based on 25+ years of research and experience. ONDAMED has been used by doctors and practitioners in the USA since 2002, and in Europe for several years prior.

ONDAMED comes from the latin roots standing for “Wave Medicine”, as in energy waves!

As humans, we are all electromagnetic beings. Everything on earth has a specific vibration; every cell, every organ, every system in the body has a vibration a.k.a. frequency. Science has confirmed this, including research at Yale where they measured the unique frequencies of every organ in the body.

At Resonating Wellness in Westport CT we specialize in using this technology to improve your health and well being. Learn more about how ONDAMED works by clicking here.

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