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How To Lose Weight

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How To Lose Weight Westport CT

How To Lose Weight Westport CT

If you have ever tried to figure out how to lose weight on your own, you have probably come across hundreds of pieces of misinformation among the countless fad diets out there. At Resonating Wellness in Westport CT, our weight loss coaches don’t subscribe to fad diets, counting calories or points, or forcing you to receive pre-packaged meals. All of these approaches have flaws and most “diets” are part of the problem and have actually contributed to your difficulty in losing weight if you have been on and off diets over time. Instead, we focus on teaching you how to lose weight the right way to achieve long term success and wellness.

We provide you a lifetime value of education in how to lose weight the healthy way for you and keep it off. With our approach you will learn how to effectively balance your blood sugar which is best for weight loss but also supports a host of other health benefits. We focus on body composition not just any “weight loss” on the scale alone; we help you lose body fat specifically and increase or maintain lean muscle to further support a faster metabolism and keep you burning fat naturally.

Are you a self-professed “carb addict”or a sugar addict? Are you an “emotional eater” or “stress eater”? We can help free you from those patterns. At Resonating Wellness, we utilize a variety of holistic modalities and techniques that can help address not only the physiological challenges of weight loss but also the often crucial emotional component to it. We also provide empowerment and accountability through one-on-one coaching support.

When you know how to lose weight the right way, it feels good, it happens naturally, and the results last. The key to how to lose weight begins with uncovering what causes led to the initial weight gain to begin with, and what current factors contribute to any difficulty in losing weight – taking into consideration important aspects such as genetics, lifestyle, hormone imbalance, metabolism, insulin resistance, activity level, your relationship to food, and self-esteem.

At Resonating Wellness, an experienced weight loss coach will work with you to discover all the important factors affecting your weight gain and your current ability to lose weight, review your health history and goals, and assess your current body composition and needs. Based on all that information, we then create a practical and healthy approach customized to your body’s individual needs and your personal goals. We take into consideration the whole approach to weight loss and wellness - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

You can stop trying to figure out how to lose weight on your own, or relying on popular or fad diet programs which prove ineffective in the long term. If you are not in the Westport CT area we do have options to work with you successfully from a distance. At Resonating Wellness, we only accept weight loss clients whom we are confident we can help. Contact Mary at (203) 429-8841 for a complimentary phone consultation and decide if you would like us to teach you how to lose weight the right way for you.

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