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  • Quit Smoking Westport CT
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  • Healthy Weight Loss Westport CT
  • Healthy Weight Loss Westport CT
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Fees – another exchange of energy!

Your first ONDAMED appointment:
Initial consultation, assessment, and customized ONDAMED session (plan for 60-75 minute appt) $175.

Our amazing Smoking Cessation Program: - call us for a free consult by phone and to discuss options!

Subsequent appointments:
Your individual needs and goals combined with our assessment findings will help us determine an appropriate course of customized sessions. We will present options for packages based on the type and duration of services recommended to you, with our aim to fit your budget and schedule.

Home visits: – In the case that your circumstances prevent visits to our location, we will attempt to accommodate your request for an appointment at your home or other location when possible. Please call us to discuss making these special arrangements and note that additional fees will be required in such instance.

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