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Who Benefits From ONDAMED?

  • Quit Smoking Westport CT
  • Pain Management Westport CT
  • Healthy Weight Loss Westport CT
  • Healthy Weight Loss Westport CT
  • Injury Healing Westport CT
  • Pet Health Westport CT
  • Stress Reduction Westport CT


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Who may benefit from ONDAMED and wellness coaching?

People with a wide range of health issues have benefited from ONDAMED and wellness coaching, whether you utilize our coaching and services alone or as an adjunct to complement and enhance your current medical or holistic treatment protocols.

We are happy to support you in creating a customized approach in dealing with a specific health concern or for general wellbeing and optimal performance. Here are just some of the conditions and areas in which we may be of service to you:

•Addictions -nicotine addiction, sugar addiction, alcoholism and other addictions.

•Acute injuries or Post-Surgery


•Chronic Pain



•Immune Health

•Hormonal Health

•Lyme Disease

•Peak Performance / Optimal Wellness

Pet Health


•Stress and stress-related conditions

•Weight Loss

At Resonating Wellness, it is our passion to help you overcome whatever challenge or health condition you currently face and to assist you reaching your goals for a healthier happier lifestyle! We look forward to hearing from you.

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