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Addiction Specialist Westport CT

Addiction Specialist Westport CT

If you are seeking to break free and recover from unhealthy behaviors to truly enjoy greater health and freedom, our experienced addiction specialists want to help! Helping individuals heal from the various aspects of addiction is a main passion of ours at Resonating Wellness in Westport CT. Addictions affect us in all aspect of health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With our unique holistic addiction services, we seek to assist you for total success and wellness.

Whether you are struggling to get clean and sober or you are a long term recovering alcoholic or addict, we offer services to support your unique needs. Do you battle with chronic relapsing on your drug of choice? We can help. Are you sober but perhaps still physically or psychologically addicted to sugar, caffeine, or tobacco? If you would like to finally break these remaining addictions to enjoy a healthier happier lifestyle, we can help. Concerned about the long term effects on your body from years of abuse? Your addiction specialist will help address these issues.

Contact Mary of Resonating Wellness in Westport CT at (203) 429-8841 for a complimentary consultation to determine if you would like the support of a specialist to address whatever addiction concerns you are ready to overcome.

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