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Meet the practitioners of Resonating Wellness! Dedicated to helping individuals overcome challenges and reach health goals to enjoy life to the fullest, Mary and Tracey look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Mary Von Ohlen Westport CT Health Specialist

Mary Von Ohlen: BS, LMT, CPC, CAC, ONDAMED Practitioner, Wellness Coach

Mary began her journey in holistic health at age 15 when her brother, a clinical nutritionist, introduced her to nutritional supplements and chiropractic care, which quickly proved to cure her allergies. From that point on she became an avid advocate of alternative health, frequently articulating the benefits to others and referring friendsin need to the appropriate practitioners.

As a 3 sport varsity athlete in her teens, Mary always appreciated the role of exercise in overall health. Playing rugby in college, she also experienced how natural therapies facilitate better injury recovery.

With a passion for helping others and interest in mental health, Mary went on to earn a degree in psychology and worked several years in the counseling field, working with children and teens. Disheartened by the trend of overmedicating children, Mary eventually shifted gears to full time work in the holistic health field.

Before becoming a practitioner herself, Mary supported alternative health practitioners as a liaison between doctor and patients and the community, providing patient education, community health lectures, educational materials, PR and networking to enhance awareness. During this time, she also became trained as a nutraceutical and wellness consultant, bringing information about complementary wellness programs and nutrition to help doctors integrate these key aspects in their practices.

While working for doctors, Mary became aware that too often the doctor doesn’t have the needed time to sufficiently teach patients about implementing their wellness recommendations. She found herself spending time explaining the doctor’s dietary recommendations in more detail to patients. Thus began her natural transition to becoming a wellness and weight loss coach.

Mary received certification through a successful doctor-recommended weight loss program, now known as TLS Weight Loss Solution. She also was trained as a children’s coach on the pilot program for a national program aimed to tackle childhood obesity, TLS Shape Up. Mary has years of experience in healthy weight loss coaching, including successful results with one-on-one clients and running groups in doctors’ offices. She loves empowering both children and adults to transition to a healthier state.

To expand her abilities in working with clients, Mary went on to obtain official licensure as a health practitioner. She is licensed in massage therapy and nationally certified in massage therapy and (eastern) bodywork.

Mary always stayed connected to her background in psychology and counseling. Today, with over a decade of experience in working with individuals in the recovery community, Mary’s primary passion is helping support people who have struggled with addictions to achieve true health and happiness in their recovery, drug-free. She continues passionately educating the public in an effort to expand awareness and connect people with holistic resources; publishing articles on these topics online. You can also visit her Health In Recovery blog.

Certifications: Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork; Certified Therapist, ABMP; Nutraceutical Consultant, Nutrametrix Custom Health Solutions.

Additional training and studies in: Neurosomatic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, EMDR, Akashic Field Therapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback, aromatherapy, anti-aging solutions, meditation.




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