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At Resonating Wellness LLC, we help you get to your next level of healing or wellbeing. Every individual is unique. For you, that may mean receiving what you need to:

  • Overcome a physical challenge that has been slowing you down,
  • Uncover and transform mental beliefs or patterns keeping you stuck so that you can successfully move forward toward the fulfillment you desire,
  • Resolve trauma so you can enjoy emotional freedom and peace, and/or
  • Receive the energy and support for your continued spiritual expansion.

We use cutting edge holistic modalities and techniques to facilitate healing and wellbeing, always customized to your unique needs and goals.

Science, trust, and intuition all play a role in this process. To truly begin to understand the effect of these modalities, they must be personally experienced. However, we invite you to explore our website so you can learn more.

Our specialties include customized support for your success with quitting smoking, healthy weight loss, addiction recovery, stress reduction, pain management, peak performance, and more! (See Conditions)

Thank you for visiting our website! If you are not familiar with the ONDAMED technology , we invite you to begin your visit here by checking out this breakthrough healing device that is the foundation of our wellness services - click here to learn about ONDAMED.

We offer a complemnentary phone consultation to discuss any questions you may have to help determine if our services at Resonating Wellness are the right fit for your health and wellness needs.










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